Cincinnati, OH to Bloomington, IN

Driving west from Cincinnati, I saw a lot (!) of farmland.  All of it so beautiful and serene.  I stopped off in Yellowwood State Forest and downtown Bloomington, IN before heading to meet my friend who live just about 10miles outside of the city center.  Bloomington in the summer has a completely different feel than it does once all the close to 30,000 students (!) return in the fall – much like how it felt living in State College in the summer before all the Penn State students (myself included – for grad. school) returned in the fall.

All over Bloomington and on the Indiana University campus, there are large sculptures of brains!  Wait, what?… seriously, there are “brains on campus”…mmmm, yes or so it would appear.  Its part of a public art project that an artist started after his experience living through a stroke dramatically changed the focus of his works.  All of the brain templates (…suppose thats the best way to call them), are molded by him and then decorated in different ways by others.  In all there are 22 brain sculptures – each sponsored by a different community organization or business with ties to Bloomington.

Here are some of the brains and related shots from Bloomington:


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