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Shake Shack – Midtown

That’s right kids – Shake Shack is now moving to Midtown West to the corner of W. 44th and 8th Ave right across from the A/C train entrance. In the same building – a new (god-awful hideous) construction – also appears to be prepping a separate space on the W. 44th St. side for a different restaurant.

Once this Shake Shack location opens, FCB will be able to skip over there for lunch or after work hours daily or on the weekends as it is so close to both work and home. Juicy Shakeburger with cheese, lettuce and onion and a side of cheese fries here we come. However, while this is all very exciting, FCB is definitely a bit taken aback by Shake Shack’s choice of location. The first venture was in an environmentally minded structure in the environs of Madison Square Park. The walk up is a sand/gravel path, ivy grows on the roof and eager squirrels gather at the feet of diners to grab up any dropped treats. Here, the construction company had the prior buildings torn down and in there place have slowly built this metal, glass and faux stone wall monstrosity. The architecture looks like it belongs more in the 1970s than 2010 – not to mention the carbon impact of all those constructions workers and materials being transported to the job site daily and all the electricity used to put up the building. For a Danny Meyer venture that is part of an expanding NY group, is it really responsible for them to move here? Is a de facto policy of ignoring your own carbon impact really the direction we want the restaurant industry to be moving?

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6am light, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

About 6:00 am this morning a huge thunder storm (A line storm, severe t-storm, tornado whathaveyou) rolled into parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Violent thunder and ligtening hit rooftops up and down my block and the rain poured down frequently being pushed violently into the window panes in wind gusts. The whole atmospheric drama woke me up. Dora was even a bit concerned.

By 6:30 am, the storm mostly past. Some trees in the borough were knocked down. Parts of Sheepshead Bay and the Far Rockaway were flooded and a pregnant woman even needed to be boat ferried out of her house after going into labor.
And the most damning thing of all…….not that thing……..the most damning thing of all was the NYC MTA neglected to inform the public that NO TRAINS WERE RUNNING due to track flooding and that the public should NOT USE THE MTA FOR THEIR MORNING COMMUTE.

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