Xie Xie – lobster roll

This past Sunday, the New York Post highlighted Xie Xie’s asian lobster roll as one of the best in the city – a compliment that did not escape the notice of Xie Xie staff.  After orderingthe lobster roll this past July 5th, the attendant asked if I had read about the roll in the NYPost – I responded no but that I had ordered the roll before and enjoyed it.  Just for the sake of comparison, here is the roll I ordered on the 5th:

Xie Xie – lobster roll, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

And now – here is the one I ordered back in August 2009 just after they opened:
Xie Xie project-lobster roll

The other thing is Xie Xie seems to be getting skimpier on their lobster roll portion size. Here’s a shot of the roll from ’09 with the meat given in a container: 

Xie Xie project-lobster roll

Then here is the container given with the roll now:


Notice how they are now using more cut up chunks of lobster as opposed to outting in whole intact clawmeat sections.  Also, they seem to be putting in less of the asian mayo (good choice) and (unfortunately) some shrimp too.  Can’t recall finding shrimp mixed in with the earlier lobster roll.

All in all – still a delicious lobster roll.  Be prepared if you order it to go that the meat will come separate from the bun.

N.B. – Angelo Sosa from Xie Xie is currently on this season’s Top Chef.

Xie Xie Project
645A 9th Ave. 9@ W. 45th St.)
New York, NY 10036
Tel.:  (212) 265-2975
Website:  http://www.xiexieproject.com/default.html


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