The Post Office Cafe

The Post Office Cafe, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

Provincetown is miraculous in the number of different restaurants there are for a town of that size.  In the winter months, the streets are much less full and a number of the restaurants close down or reduce their hours until the following summer.  Some of the permanent residents, Michael Cunningham for example, have remarked that it is exactly this vibrancy and craziness downtown that make it possible for them to do there work.  They can venture out downtown to do their errands and the like and interact with all those people and then come home and have that dead silence and space for reflection and contemplation.  It is this kind of crazy contrast – the ebullient Commercial St. scene versus the quiet writing space – that makes P-town such an amazing place to visit.

In this mix, is The Post Office Cafe, situated (obviously enough) in the old post office.  Along the walls are old post office boxes with their brass covers and combination locks.  While primarily a tourist oriented joint – and by that I mean right on the beaten path of Commercial St. and offering overpriced sandwiches you could likely make for much, much less at home – the Cafe can be a convenient resting point for a bite to eat.

Above is a shot of the tuna melt that Aimee ordered.  It took a long while to arrive and when it did unfortunately it had a cantaloupe sticker resting on the orange fruit part of the cantaloupe.  Kinda not so good…. but the sandwich was (if predictable) very tasty.

Our waiter was hard to find – and when we could find him, he was usually chatting (sitting down) with friends at other tables – so this meal took a lot longer than it should have.  Really, based on the apparent lack of interest in serving food or in keeping the food presentable and hygenic (ahem, remove fruit stickers from the inside of fruit before serving), this place should be out of business.  Guess they make their money through something other than just their food.

The Post Office Cafe
303 Commercial St
Provincetown, MA 02657
Tel.:  508. 487.3892


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