Puerto Rico – Vacation Food

Food City Bytes recently took a trip to Puerto Rico.  Having never gone before, I was pretty excited.  Planning to put my dogs up in the sun, go snorkeling and see what there was to see in Puerto Rico.  We stayed at this fabulous resort that was something of a cross between the settings for Dirty Dancing and The Pirates of the Caribbean.  Half the resort was under “construction” which really meant – since its a down economy – that half the place was under wraps – including the more kid friendly multiple water slides pool complex – until such time as there were more guests.  The under wraps part – with its chain link fence enclosing the pool area and another set of buildings – was the Pirates of the Caribbean part!  We got a room with a balcony, mini kitchen and huge tv overlooking the interior courtyard-esque area that contained two hot tubs, ping pong tables, a volleyball court and a huge angular pool with a water basketball setup.  It was (gaudy-trashy yet) fantastic!  Like Dirty Dancing!

We went three times we went to San Juan.  Having rented a car near the airport, getting around was very simple (aside from the death defying roads!).  This street art piece was on a door in San Juan:

IMG_9789, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

Unclear whether the “Draco” posting was realted to the graphic?

We stoppped at a little cafe in Old San Juan and ordered a couple sandwiches. After I had a large mocha. The whole time this older motorcycle guy was talking to us about what sites to see, where to go driving and about how much he loves Puerto Rico. We got his whole life story. Uber-friendly & equally uber-tourist-positive. He used to work in a hotel in New York somewhere. He had studied hospitality management. But several years back “Puerto Rico was calling (him) back” and he had to return. He’s been there since and went on and on about how much he loves to ride his Harley all over PR. The best part was when he tried to get us to agree with him that you always have to buy women things to keep them happy!

Mocha in Puerto Rico, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.




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  1. joyfulgardenpr

    Death defying streets, ja ja,

    Hey, I’m from Puerto Rico, I guess I’m already used to it, but yes, I do agree that we’ve got some rough drivers here. Sorry for that!

    Hope you come back and enjoy more of our cuisine.

    In Condado, we’ve got Cafe del Angel and Ajili Mojili, both serve local cuisine.

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