Wish List #1: Prospect Heights!

Ah Prospect Heights, how I adore thee!  Not only do you have one of the hippest and hardest-to-find-no-sign-outside-speakeasy joints to have just opened up, you also have:

(1) James
(2) Abigail

….and what better restaurants to start your summer flings with?!

James is located on the corner of Carlton and St. Marks in the same spot that (R.I.P.) Sorel used to occupy. Pressed tin ceilings and hosting new American fair from the great minds of former Bouley chef, Bryan Calvert and his cohort, Deborah Williamson.  FCB cannot wait to try this one out!

Moving in below the recently (completely gut!) renovated 19th century brick structure on the corner of Classon and St. Johns is Abigail, also new American fair with BYOB so far until the liquor license kicks in (it sounds like).  Camaje – on MacDougal St. – is the sister restaurant.  Say, if we get too tipsy from our BYOB, can we non-teetollers toddle up to the gleaming condos up top of Abigail? 

(1) James
605 Carlton Avenue (@ St. Marks Ave. on corner)
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Tel.: 718.942.4255
Website: http://jamesrestaurantny.com/

(2) Abigail
807 Classon Ave (@ St. John’s)
Prospect Heights
Brooklyn, NY  11238
Tel.: 718.399.3200
Website: http://www.abigailbrooklyn.com/ 



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