The Eatery

It was a rainy Saturday and Aimee was out at pilates class.  There were a number of things that needed to get done that day….. pull the blue painting tape from the trim in the bedroom, hang the wooden shelves and full length mirror.  Then there were the other – outside cultural things that needed to get done – visit the Met to see the Jasper Johns show I’d been dying to see, see the Guggenheim’s Cai Guo-Qiang show, and try a fabulous new brunch place!

The Eatery, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

Now Saturdays are always fraught with a little bit of tension – there’s the anticipation of what I want to get done in my time off that is just starting to be realized and the desire to lounge about and while away the hours in peaceful relaxation as if Monday will never come.  Coming back at 11:30am, I instructed Aimee that, after her shower, she had to march herself over to the computer to make her decision between the two tempting brunch places that I found by investigating various foodie blogs to see what’s what in Aimee’s new nabe, Hellsy or further beyond.  Choice A: Westville East, a hip New-Yorkified pint sized diner located just steps from Tompkins Square Park.  Thinking being that afterwards we could… meander over to the Park to see if any farmer’s markets or flee market type stands might be there.  Westville East would be both a cheap eats alternative and would put us within a reasonable walking distance of the Astor Place 6 train stop (…all the better to catch the train straight from there up to the Met/ Guggenheim near the 86th Street stop.) 

Choice B: The Eatery.  An also so extraordinarily-painfully hip New-Yorky place, this one was within walking distance of Aimee’s bachelor pad …only about 7 blocks in fact!  So fairly good!  Plus, it kept to my original intention of helping Aimee find good places to go in her neighborhood.  Aimee rationalized: “If we go to Westville East, won’t that require us to take a train… possibly two trains to get to our dining destination? And won’t that tiny little teacup of a place be so painfully packed with oh so painfully hip people when we arrive there?”

Now for Aimee’s decision.  Take in mind this is a person who values the whole brunch experience perhaps more than life itself!  Before her, I never went to brunch.

Retort: “Why yes.” Although, I countered, “The people at Westville East really aren’t that painfully hip.”

Aimee: “Settled. I can only dain to be around the dastardly debonair during my morning of brunch bliss. We go now to The Eatery!”: 

The Eatery, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

Seated, she order the mushroom, ham and onion omelet that came with a side of home fries.  She said it was pretty tasty.  I’m not really a fan of omelets recently but this one did look pretty good.

Below is the salmon eggs benedict I ordered.  The Eatery substituted hash browns for the au rigour english muffin underneath.  Here, I think the hash browns were left a little too long on the grill but the texture is neat together with the runny eggs, salt lox, and chives on top.  Look at how the salmon lox just flows over the hash browns!  There was so much of it!  And the lox was very tasty too, lots of flavor. 

The Eatery, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

 I would highly recommend going here again.  Although, it took a good amount of time to get our table…. and there really isn’t adequate waiting room – there’s a small bar set up on one side of the The Eatery as well as the entrance foyer that wait listed diners must jockey for position in. The length of time we waited for a table – a good 25-30 minutes. The volume of the room – medium to loud. The number of times we go bashed into by family groups, haute couture trust funders or Japanese businessmen’s offspring – priceless.

The Eatery
798 Ninth Avenue
New York, NY  10019
Tel.: 212.765.7080


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