Amorina Cucina Rustica: Prospect Heights

 Amorina’s is your basic low-key neghborhood place.  It serves rustic pizzas (i.e., free form pizzas with quirky toppings such as pancetta, fried egg, parmesan and black pepper for the “carbonara”), pasta and several simple but delicious appetizers.  Having gone a couple times, I have grown very fond of the provolone, olives and cured meats (and tomato) appetizer.  The ingredients are just cubed or cut in half and drizzled with olive oil and salt:

Amorina’s-sopresata, cheese and olive appetizer, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

For pizza, I prefer their margherita (mozzarella, tomato and fresh cut basil).  If you don’t have time or the inclination to venture all the way out to Bensonhurst for Di Fara’s margherita, this is the one to get:

Amorina’s-margherita, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

 A. has ordered the capricciosa in the past and enjoyed it.  This pizza comes with fresh mozzarella, sausage, artichokes, green olives, mushrooms and rosemary.  Wasn’t my favorite as the heat from teh pizza makes the artichokes wilt too much:

Amorina’s-artichoke and pancetta special pizza, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

 Their decor is a mix of red-and-white checked tableclothes, old receipts from the owner’s grandmother’s restaurant in Italy and asundry menu boards.  The yellow walls – in need of new coat – and the thick (mostly chipped) deruta style pottery plates add to an overall feel that you have walked into a neghbor’s kitchen for a weeknight meal – a welcome mileau in a city obsessed with the latest and greatest.

Amorina’s, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

Amorina Cucina Rustica
624 Vanderbilt Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238-3804
Tel.:  (718) 230-3030


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