1st Dinner in New Apt.!

**Sidebar: this post dates back a while and is actually of a meal we had on January 24th(!).  But keep reading anyway, you need the distraction!**

There are a number of foods that are routinely called out as being good to reduce inflamation as well as good for pre/ post-surgery. Here’s a short ilst:

(1) Salmon;
(2) red and yellow bell peppers;
(3) red onions;
(4) broccoli
…as well as an assortment of different nuts: almonds, flax seeds, etc.
As I was going to be having a surgery of sorts the following day, we made a dinner that hit on all of the above food items. We made salmon with mustard sauce with red onions and bell peppers. As well as steamed broccoli (aka-just about the most all-around beneficial veggie there is).

In addition, we threw together some guacomole (with vinegar!!) as Aimee had an avocado in her kitchen and avocados are supposed to be good antiinflamatory food.  The vinegar: yes, yes, yes….that was Aimee’s crazy idea and she still swears by it.  Since she had no lemon (which I usually put in guac) I thought I’d give the (crazy) vinegar idea a whirl….

Here’s the whole apread:

….and….it was actually pretty fine.  The vinegar does make the guac sharp in a similar manner to what lemon would add.
This aslo ended up being Aimee and I’s first homemade dinner in her new apt. …Notice all the boxes in the background and the worn out expression on Aimee’s face? ..Yeah, that’s the moving in part:

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