Raspberry Scones

Rasberry Scones, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

In Provincetown, where Aimee and I went for a vacation this past summer, we stayed at a very nice Bed & Breakfast. The B & B served us the most wonderful breakfast treats in the mornings. My favorite were the mini-muffin shaped raspberry scones….so bite size scones perfect for taking one with you! I loved the scones, they were baked fresh every morning like all of the B & B’s breakfast treats.

So…..now back in New York….I keep trying to duplicate different elements of the P-town get away. For example, we got to use this fantastic one-cup coffee and cappuccino maker and now, every time I see one in a store window here in New York, I  really want to get it. As their 1k plus plus sticker price is a bit out of my budget range….I decided to settle on replicating the raspberry scone element.

Above is a shot of the results of my first and only – soon to be followed by more cooking attemtps – at making raspberry scones. They were delicious!


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