La Puttanesca: aka-The (Italian) Whore

 I had been wanted to go to Puttanesca after Hearing favorable reviews of the place on several occassions.  Often the reviews emphasized how authentic the pasta was.  Its supposed to specialize in Venetian cuisine.  So….   when four of us found ourselves wandering around Midtown West, stomachs growling, aimleesly looking for a bite to eat and we came upon La Puttanesca….  in we went.

 Here’s Kristin modelling her taglierini verdi alla bolognese which was spinach (green) pasta in a meat sauce:

Kristin at La Putanesca, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

While we did get the outdoor seating we wanted, the wait staff was swift and friendly and the food all looked very appealing, none of it tasted all that amazing. The gnocchi with marinara sauce and basil is what I had. …from the fresca section of the menu meaning (we think) that those were the pasta types that were made fresh that morning as opposed to coming straight from a box, pre-preapared.

La Puttanesca is the first place I’ve seen that they divide the pasta options into “secca”, or dried, and “fresca”, or fresh. Interesting concept… but really, since the prices were only a dollar or two more for the fresh pasta, who would order from the prepared section? One who doesn’t know any Italian?

This is the fettucine ai funghi in a white wine sauce with wild mushroom and garlic:

Linguini alle funghi at La Putanesca, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

It was interesting but the sauce was too heavy and tasted kinda like mole sauce…. in a Oaxacan Mexican restaurant.

This is Idra’s dish, gnocchi alla sorrentina with basil and mozarella:

Gnocchi at La Putanesca, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

This is my dish….the agnolotti alla moedese which is half moon shaped ravioli stuffed with mushrooms with a pancetta (the soft underbelly part of the pig), tomato and onion sauce…..sounds good right?…. looks good right? Well whoever was doing the sauces really messed things up. Waaaay too heavy.

Mushroom tortelloni at La Putanesca, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

So all, in all… not the best of meals.  The pasta by itself tasted fresh and good but the sauces were just overwhelming and ruined the dishes.

859 9th Avenue (@ 56th Street)
New York, NY  10019
Tel.: 212.581.4177
Fax: 212.399.7165



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