Franny’s: Set to Expand

frannys pizza and wine 295 rannys pizza and wine 295, originally uploaded by yovanoff. Image from Yovanoff’s Flickr site (

Franny's from’s, a local Prospect Heights restaurant known for its fantastic brick oven pizza and dedication to localvore principles, is rumored to be seeking to expand to a second location.  About two years ago, not too long after Franny’s opened, Food City Bytes visited.  Our opinion: the pizza is on par with pizza made in Florence, Italy…thin crust, perfectly distributed slices of fresh mozzarella, sections of char from the brick oven and fresh ingredients all around make this a memorable pizza experience.  There’s an outdoor seating area that’s open from Memorial Day til Labor Day.  Franny’s also has the distinction of not just offering one or two sodas or bottled beers, but it has an actual bar & bartender with a wide selection of mixed drinks; a quality that pushes Franny’s over to the not-just-sterling-pizza category but-also-sterling-pizza-with-perfect-after-work-drinks atmosphere.  : )

 Here’s a link to Time Out’s article on franny’s plans for expansion:

295 Flatbush Ave.
Brooklyn, NY  11217
Tel.: 718.230.0221

Franny's in Brooklyn

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