Urbanspoon: the T-Shirt Arrives!

A long, long time ago…. in a land, far far away…ok, well Seattle to be exact and oh, about 3 weeks ago (August 20th), tops, Food City Bytes got an e-mail from Urbanspoon-well specifically their food blog liasion informing us that they would like to send us a free t-shirt if we were interested in having one.  Below is their exact e-mail:

 I’m so glad you’re liking Urbanspoon.com

I have an Urbanspoon t-shirt I’d like to send you. Would you like one?
If so send me your size (Mens S, M, L, XL, Womens S, M, L) and
snail mail address and I’ll pop it in the mail. It’s not a jar of truffle salt,
or Heirloom tomatoes but it’s something. )


Blogger Liaison

Wow!  Its positively the first bit of blogger fame that Food City Bytes has specifically received!  Excellant…our blog is finally paying off, right?

But then we thought about it some more….what if this is some kind of prank.  The more time passed betweent he response e-mail and the package still not arrived, the more these thoughts surfaced.  Until……..:

Urbanspoon, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

Ta-dah!  Urbanspoon has come through and above you proudly see displayed their propaganda t-shirt.  Yay for free stuff!

 In all seriousness though, I really like what Urbanspoon is doing with their website and I enjoy seeing other compilation style blogs like this.  For example, Chowhound and Serious Eats, both do this type of compiling of reviews from other food bloggers to a certain degree and I think it is a really useful tool to have on the internet and also one that builds a sense of community.  Readers can interact either passively (lurching as some would call it) or actively (by writing in or linking to their own reviews or thoughts of different restaurants or recipes).

In other news, Urbanspoon also listed us on their website in a directory of food blogs (aka-flogs) that have entries about NYC restaurants:




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