Terrace in the Sky

July 25th was Aimee’s birthday. And not just any birthday I might add, but her 30th! So in celebration she picked a restaurant she had wanted to go to for a long time and….. we went!

That restaurant, my friends, was Terrace in the Sky. While not afiliated with Columbia University, it is the most common habitat of parents and their Columbia affiliated offspring as they near graduation, promotion to tenured position, expulsion and other such momentous occassions. Its about 1 or 2 blocks at most from a good section of the campus.

The corn chowder with creme fraiche and chives:

Terrace in the Sky, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

This was very tasty and definitely a nice first foray into corn chowder (I never had it before).

 Aimee opted for the heirloom tomato and mozarella salad. (Which was delicious and refreshing!):

Terrace in the Sky, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

…then for her entree, the pepper steak with avocado and corn mash:

Terrace in the Sky, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

I had the bass with risotto in a lemongrass sauce:

Terrace in the Sky, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

Now all this food above was beautifully presented.  However, it was actually not terribly good.  It was just…mm, that’s ok kinda good.  And Aimee, who rarely orders a steak when she goes out, enjoyed her steak enough to eat more than a little of it but the side was just not terribly appetizing.  I tasted it and although on the menu it makes it sound like the dish is primarily avocados with a little tasting of corn and other random vegetables, this was….just corn mashed up with lots of chiles and small, small little specks of avocado.  We wondered at first if they had simply run out of avocado and given us a different side dish?!

Mine wasn’t much better either.  The fish was a bit….hm, tough.  And the flavours didn’t blend well at all.   It was like, ok: here’s your fish now over her….stacked under we’re going to throw in this completely different and foreign in a way that it doesn’t even belong in this dish….risotto of lemongrass and spiciness. 

What gives Terrace in the Sky?

We supposed that most people go there for the view (wonderful skytop view of upper Manahattan and a great outdoor bar/ deck area that had live music the night we were there) and the right air of impressiveness it lends to an occassion; not for the food.


Terrace in the Sky
400 West 119th Street (btwn. Morningside Dr. & Amsterdam Ave.)
New York, NY 10027
Tel.: 212.666.9490
E-mail: TerraceInTheSky@yahoo.com
Website: www.TerraceInTheSky.com

Terrace in the Sky in New York

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