Crepe Paris

The Lower East Side is pretty much packed full of bars, restaurants and tiny eating stands like this one, Crepe Paris. If you go to the street fairs in NYC (just go to one, ever. … if you’ve gone to one, you’ve gone to them all. They all sell the same things.) you know there is always a crepe stand there.

Crepe Paris is the same kind of deal. Across the street from a cowboy/ punk themed bar, abutting a breeder bar and a couple doors from a hot dog joint that emphasizes its post-baked specialties, its picked the perfect location to catch late night grazers.

crepes, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos

A small place, they make good crepes…both dessert kind like Aimee got: arasberry and Nutella and choclate crepe as well as sandwich leaning crepes, like the ham and swiss crepe I ordered. Below the counter is a tiny mini fridge that stores the meats and any other items needing refrigeration. The crepe batter is premixed into giant tuperware pitchers with flip-top lids.

here’s the rasberry, nutella and chocolate crepe being prepared:


crepes, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

The rasberry was squeezed out of a squeeze bottle so we both thought it would be fake – some sort of rasberry flavored synthetic faux-fruit. But the rasberry was actualy really, really good and was simply crushed rasberries! So good.
Crepe Paris in New York

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