Di Fara in the Middle (reopened…again)

After a series of different Health Inspection crises, the famed Di Fara pizza house in the Midwood section of Brooklyn has reopened. Don’t hold your breath though because Di Fara was closed before and then reopened. So the DOH may inspect and reject Di Fara’s yet again.

Di Fara, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

Di Fara’s has been opened and serving pizza for over 40 years….longer than most of the inspectors on the Department of Health have held positions. What’s going on at Di Fara’s reflects more the changes that occur in a government organization and public ideas about what is healthy and what is not than any changes or decline in Di Fara’s product. For example, one of the complaints cited was that Dom, the proprietor, did not wear gloves when making the pizzas. Wel… Before the advent and boom of fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s and Burger King, almost no one wore latex gloves to prepare and/ or serve food. FCB remembers being served pizza, chips and greens in elementary school by cafeteria workers without gloves. Hardly any respected restaurant in Florence, Italy can find a worker wearing gloves.

FCB wants taste, character and individuality. Not a sterilized individually wrapped consumer product.

Di Fara
1424 Avenue J (at 15th Street)
Midwood, Brooklyn, NY
Tel.: 718-258-1367
(1/2 block from “Avenue J” Q train stop; 11am-10pm; cash only; from Slice: Di Fara)

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