Stone Park Cafe

This past Sunday, Aimee and I were slogginng around Park Slope desperately in search of some brunch. Before leaving my apartment, we narrowed in on eating at Aunt Suzie’s Restaurant, a family diner themed restaurant on 5th between Carroll and Garfield. Sadly, stomachs growling and people growing silent… upon arriving there we found that Suzie’s was closed! Arrgh. ::sigh:: ….but was to open in another hour. (there open from 12-3 on Sundays)

No willing to let the hunger gods take us at their mercy, we walked further down 5th in search of new brunch joints we had not yet tried.

Stone Park Cafe, where I had eaten a wonderful dinner meal with my mom during Restaurant week, came to the rescue. Here’s Aimee with her “Hanger Fry”:

Stone Park Cafe, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

The guy who brought us our dishes had on a shirt that said “Classically Trained” above the picture of a classic Nintendo game system framed by intertwined laurels.

Let’s look at Aimee’s dish more closely… She had scrambled eggs (visible by that streak of yellow on the bottom) that had bacon(?) Mixed in with them and some onions(?), then quarter cut potato fries, whole wheat toast and … oysters! The oysters were the intersting part — fried, we were both speculating when looking at them on the menu and thought htat they would come out on the half shell(?) but even that seemed a bit implausible for a brunch menu. As fried oysters though they were pretty good. Oysters though seemed to leave an odd aftertaste in your mouth that not necessarily every brunch goer wants that early in the morning. But hey … where’s your sense of adventure!

Stone Park Cafe, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.


I ordered the eggs over easy with bacon, sourdough toast and home fries. Here’s my plate:

Stone Park Cafe, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

The eggs were pretty runny (I like mine a little stiffer) and I had to work hard to prevent them from soaking my bacon. But the bacon was perfect and the home fries were good too — with onions and I think rosemary thrown in there. All in all though, FCB recommends ordering something more adventurous on the menu or better yet … make a reservation, wait until dinnner time and come back then. Stone Park Cafe really shines at their dinner service.

NB: Stone Park Cafe also offers outdoor seating in the summer and appear to be one of the few places where you can easily get a seat for Sunday brunch!

Stone Park Cafe
5th Avenue at 3rd St.
Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Tel.: 718.369.0082

Stone Park Cafe in Brooklyn

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