Bistro Bethem in VA

Bistro Bethem, in Food City Bytes’ hometown of Fredericksurg, VA bills itself as “seasonal modern American cuisine with a Southern accent” and at that is does the job handily. Recently, FCB visited Bistro Bethem with Janet, an old friend and neighbor who is currently finishing writing her memoir. Originally, the plan for the evning was to go to Jake and Mike’s – also American cuisine and also on William Street – but unfortunately, after arriving there we discovered that Jake & Mike’s is not open on Tuesdays. Fine. Because Bistro Bethem is much better food anyway.

Here’s a shot of the fantastic roasted lamb over asparagus with polenta fries that my Mom ordered. The lamb was really tender and just practically fell off the bone. And how cool is it to make fries – something typically outrageously unhealthy and sadly an American staple/ identifier – and turn it upscale and healthy into polenta fries!

Bistro Bethem-Veal with asparagus and polenta fries, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

I ordered the Wood oven roasted Bass served with smallneck clams, braised greens and seafood jus. This turned out well with the clams and the bass favors mixxing well together. However, the clams were a little tough and I ended up not eating them. They were great for flavor though. And the bass was very well prepared.

Bistro Bethem-Sea Bass with clams over spinach and pan jus, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

Now, here’s a shot of the salmon with shrimp and organic vegetables. Also looked like a good dish but didn’t get a chance to try it.

Bistro Bethem-salmon dish, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

The star of the show though was hands down, Janet’s “Mac ‘n Cheese” – rigatoni noodles with braised tiger shrimp in a creamy Gruyere-Fontina-Manchego cheese blend. In your late 80s and ordering Mac ‘n Cheese at an upscale American joint!  Plus a gin martini to boot!  And this from the woman who gave us apples on Halloween because she and her husband thought we were too young and susceptible to have a bag full of just sugar. Go Janet!

Janet Burhams at Bistro Bethem, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

Bistro Bethem
309 William Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Tel.: 540.371.9999
Fax: 540.371.3756

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