Sarabeth’s Upper West Side brunch

Sarabeth’s started out as a bakery that also sold jams and jellys on the Upper West Side back in the early ’80s.  Since then, Sarabeth’s has expanded into four different Manhattan locations and one location in Key West.  So, after hearing Aimee rave about the place and seeing the excessively long wait lines on weekends, FCB decided to see what all the fuss was about.

As far as brunch goes, I am pretty predictable.  First I look over and study intently all the items and various different options on the brunch menu.  Is there a prix fixe offering?  Are mimosa, bloody mary or light beer included?  Can you get sides of bacon or egg included in the selection for no added cost?  What is the most extravagent offering (duck hash perhaps?)?  However, this is a highly intellectual exercise and after the menu is put through its paces, I tend to end up ordering the french toast and bacon variation that that particular restaurant offers.

Here’s what I got at Sarabeth’s:

brunch, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos

….Banana stuffed brioches french toast.  ….with a side of bacon (extra).Aimee on the other hand likes to mix it up in the mornings and you can’t say from brunch to brunch what she will order.  Sometimes its the buckwheat pancakes, others its the frisee salad with turkey sausage.  Today, at Sarabeth’s it was:

brunch, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

…..oatmeal with mixed fresh fruit and a croisant.Here’s a close up of my dish:

brunch, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.While the fresh fruit was a nice touch, sadly….the stuff that eveyone raves about….the bread, aka-the french toast part, was not so good.  It tasted like it had been prepared a while ago, sat around, and then when ordered spruced up a bit and sent with fresh fruit and syrup to FCB’s table.

Sarabeth’s? ….worth another try?  perhaps, but not when there are so many other (and less pricey) options so close by (some with no lines for weekend brunch).

Sarabeth’s (West)
423 Amsterdam Avenue (@ 80th St.)
NYC 10024
Tel.: 212.496.6280
Fax: 212.787.9655

Sarabeth's on Urbanspoon


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