Shake Shack reopens March 21, 2007!!!

Ok, folks.  Its that time of year again.  Asparagus is just about to start showing up in full force at the Greenmarkets as are Ramps, the New York specific Spring veggie that’s something like a cross between garlic and leeks but looks like a scallion.  The Good Fork out in Red Hook, Brooklyn is rumored to be having a dish centered around Ramps on their Spring menu. 

 And with Ramps and Asparagus comes…….   Shake Shack!!!  Yes, that’s right, Shake Shack is opening up again for the season on Wednesday, March 21 (that’s 1 week from today).  Food City Bytes for one is mucho excited about this.  Their website has the official countdown clock: 

 And just to get your tastbuds going: 

Shake Shack double cheesburgers with cheese fries, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.


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