In accordance with the tradition of Food City Bytes blog, the 50 Book Challenge (as described on the web) will be attempted (and hopefully reached as it was in 2006) again for 2007.  Not all of the books read will be food related but there will definitely be food related books (by chefs….by waiters or critics etc.).  So…that said, here’s the list of books read so far: 

50 Book Challenge:

1) Lethem, Jonathan.  The Disappointment Artist and Other Essays.  A-
2) Kammen, Michael.  Visual Shock: A History of Controversies in American Culture.  A
3) Grossman, Elizabeth.  High Tech Trash: Digital Devices, Hidden Toxics, and Human Health.  B+
4) Sinclair, Upton.  The Jungle.
5) Rae, Sairi.  Chambermaid.  (This book is forthcoming and was reviewed in the Wall Street Journal in June.  Predicition: it will be very popular and Most likely to be successful for the Chick Lit category.  Read it for anything other than Chick Lit/ beach ready satisfaction and be sorely dissapointed.  Its not literature folks.  Its like a juicy hamburger with a side of cheese fries from your favorite beachside joint.) B


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