Shake Shack is to New York as …..

Shake Shack!, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

Come on all you post-SAT I takers, tell me the answer to this multiple-choice analogy.  Is it:    

         a) ghosts are to the Ghostbusters
         b) the force is to Luke
         c) the V is to freedom fighters a la Guy Fawkes
         d)Carl’s is to a Virginian
         e) all of the above

Hello, clearly you have not taken your Kaplans class a too seriously if you dane to pick any choice other than e) all of the above.  Ok, granted. You’re right.  “e)” does not so regularly happen on yonder SAT of yore.  Usually it just goes to “d) all of the above” and no further.  But that is why we here at Food City Bytes are post-SAT takers and no longer have to worry about such silly things.

As you may know, this past Friday (12/01/2006) Shake Shack closed to the season, not to reopen until March 31, 2006.

Its sad.  So sad.  The famed Shack Shake is closed for the season. sigh.  What will we New Yorkers do without our famed and fabulous burgers a la Madison Square Park. 

Shake Shack is to a New Yorker like Carl’s Frozen Custard and Treats is to a Virginian.   Carl’s is a cult.  People will stand in all sorts of heat and uncomfortable weather just to get a cone, shake, malt or sunday.  Before they installed the cement area in front of Carl’s, the line used to literally wrap around the building.  The line there, like at Shake Shack, moves fast though plus its a great way to start up a conversation with your neighbors just as it is in the Shake Shack line.

Witness, Carl’s even has its own Wikipedia mention and photo highligting the 1940s machines still in use to churn out their signature frozen custard: 

hm…..but those New Yorkers are on to something and promptly a Shack Shake Wikipedia entry was formed: 

Shake Shack!, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

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