To a man with a hammer, all things look like a nail

Same, to a man with a fork, everything looks like food.

Some things are perhaps just not meant to be food.  Some things maybe you shouldn’t want to put in your mouth.  For example, durian fruit:

durian fruit, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

In the spirit of this, I present you, Steve Don’t Eat That’s latest exploits:

Some of the things that Steve cooks up and eats, remind us of durian fruit; a fruit that is famous for the similarity of its smell to that of a decaying body.  Anthony Bourdain talks about eating durian fruit for the first time in his book, “A Cook’s Tour”.  Apparently, the tv series version of this book, the aptly named “Cooks Tour” also highlights this durian eating experience.

We were in Chinatown, over on Walker near Centre Street, perusing some of the street fruit stands when the stand tender offered some durian fruit for sale saying, “Durian, great treat; tasty treat.”  Now, having read about Bourdain’s experience, we knew trying durian was not something to embark upon lightly.

However, when the titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum)…… aka-the Corpse Flower, was blooming, Food City Bytes was one of the first to rush over to the Botanic Gardens to catch a whif and a sight.  The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens site has some great background info on the plant:  Here is our fabulous shot:

Corpse flower at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

So eventually, we will have to try durian.  Although, a fellow co-worker back in Pennsylvania did offer some venison to which we recoiled, and that is a far, far tamer entree.

If you must, have some durian, but be sure to take note of others warnings first:


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