50 Book Challenge: Part IV

Part IV, here are my book tabs to date:

50 Book Challenge:

50) Willett, Sabin.  Present Value.  B Written by a New York attorney, Present Value
        tells the story of a family living a highly leveraged life in a McMansion with all the
        right indicators of the perfect successful life–son attends the prestigious Chaney
       school, parents drive the right showy SUV, all the latest electronics etc. etc.   (on a side
       note, Yay!!!  I did it. I read 50 books in 1 year.  Woowho!  Happy this worked out.)
49) Bradbury, Ray.  Farenheit 451.  A  Great sci-fi classic that I finally got around to
       reading.  Presents the scary pretext that a society could willingly ban the possessing
      and reading of books.  The firemen, who all bear eerily the same physical
      characteristics,  were particularly interesting as their job is to start fires….aka-to burn
      the books they confiscate and sometimes the owners of the books as well. 
48) Bushnell, Candace.  Trading Up.  A  By the author of Sex in the City, another stiring
      chick-lit novel this time wraped around the ups and downs of the polo watching
      New York it girls and boys who summer in the Hamptons and party at Bungalo 8.
      The narrator is not quite in this jet set yet aspires to be through who she dates,
      associates with and lusts after.
47) Letham, Jonathon.  Motherless Brooklyn.  A  Crime-noir set in Brooklyn and the
      five burroughs.
46) Christie, Agatha.  Nemesis.  A  In the wake of her friend’s death, our agining heroine
       sets out on a country tour to unlock the key to a disappearance and murder of two
       girls as well as the absolution of the deceased’s fiance. Great mystery and includes a
       group of co-dwelling spinster sister characters as an added bonus!
45) Kosner, Edward.  Its News to Me: The Making and Unmaking of an Editor.  B/B-
44) Pace, Alison.  Pug Hill. B  Okay for chick lit.  Surprising twist: the main character in
      this one actually does not revolve her life around a male although she does obsess
      over them; instead its around the absence of a male and the love of pug dogs. 
      Main character works as a conservationist at the MET.  Author, Pace, went to
      American University in DC.
43) Lewis, Michael.  The New, New Thing.  B  So…..not so new anymore. Written by one
       of the creators of Netscape, Not So New, New, New Thing was probably a good read
       in the late 90s though. 
42) Burroughs, Augusten.  Running With Scissors.  A+  Burroughs has a great sense of
       humour in his retellings.  Of course, as a Smithie, I love all the Noho/ Smith
       references.  However, definitely do not envy living with the doctor. ick.
41) Reichel, Ruth.  Comfort Me With Apples. A+ This is so good; Reichel starts up her 
       food writing career in Berkeley near the gourmet revolution epicenter that is Alice
       Water’s Chez Panisse. 
40) Donleavy, J. P.  The Ginger Man.  A  About drinking and descent via
       Trinity and other colleges in prior eras.
39) Hamill, Pete.  A Drinking Life.  A+  Lots of interesting Brooklyn/ Park Slope
       references dating back to 1935 that make this a good read.


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