@ the MET Trustees Room

This weekend relatives were visiting Brooklyn so we decided to make a reservation to have brunch on Sunday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Trustees Room.  Trouble was, most of the reservations for earlier slots were booked so we ended up with a 2pm reservation.  2pm turned out to be just perfect though as by the time we raized ourselves and made the trek via subway up to the MET, it was just about 2pm.  Time to eat!

There’s a set, prix-fixe menu for Sunday brunch that included a selection of three items (appetizer, entree and desert) all in brunch portions.  I started with the Salmon gravlax, celeriac and potato pancake with caviar cream sauce:

@ the MET Trustees Room, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

This was by far the best dish of the day.  The salmon was so fresh and the caviar nicely salty.  It mixed really well and served as a very good pick-me-up for what was the start of our Sunday.

The entrees we ordered were Pan-roasted organic chicken breast, vegetables and Madeira sauce and the Rock-shrimp pasta with spinach and a lemon-butter sauce.  The chicken plate was delicious and well prepared but nothing out of the ordinary.  Of course, that’s exactly what we were looking for.  Here it is:

@ the MET Trustees Room, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

For my brunch entree, I had the Rock-shrimp pasta.  Here’s a shot of that just post receiving a hit of freshly grated parmesan:

@ the MET Trustees Room, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

This came out seconds after being cooked and was nicely warm with a grating of fresh parmesan placed on top by our waiter.  It was just what I was looking for.

For dessert, I ordered the creme brulee….naturally.  It came out in a larger dish than standard.  The top shell of carmelized sugar was nicely hardened so that it made a nice cracked sound when I hit the back of my spoon against it.  Also, an added bonus, there were fresh blueberries on top:

This was all delicious.  The environment was stuffy though.  And sadly the Truestees Room at the MET is not quite what we imaginged……no dark wood paneled walls with velvet curtains, elaborate Tiffany windows or any Renaissance master paintings hung on the walls.  Instead its a large carpeted open space with sparse corporate-esque decor with only 1 or 2 glass works by Chihuly that barely liven up the place.  The far wall is of windows that overlook the park: those were the best views in the Trustees Room however, they appear to be reserved for a higher level of patron or regular. 


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