Chicken cheese steak from midtown street vendor

If you’re a reader of Midtown Lunch then you’ll know that there are a number of pretty decent street food vendors where you can grab a quick and cheap lunch around 45-50th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues.  For example, Food City Bytes picked up this chicken cheese stake from one of the vendors on 47th & 6th in front of the Time Life building:

Chicken cheese steak from midtown street vendor, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

 On the sidewalk tent (billboard?) it advertised “cheese steaks” which typically means a Philadelphia cheese steak with beef in it and not chicken.  However, most vendors there are willing to substitute the beef for chicken if you ask. 

So above, I asked for the chicken substitution and cheese with marinara sauce and onions and lettuce.  Being a street meat vendor, ::sigh::, the only cheese available was American cheese.  And there was some confusion as to what marinara sauce might be and why I would want that on a sandwich.  So, in the end, Food City Bytes got this sandwich…which closely resembles a Chicken cheese steak….but there’s “hot suace” instead of marinara, American cheese instead of mozzarella, and the lettuce was completely tossed out the window.  regardless, it turned out being a pretty good sandwich –and definitely filling– and at $5 for a Midtown lunch, who can complain.


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