The Devil Wears Prada?

No, not exactly.  More like red and long green horns….. 

The other day when I was walking in Chinatown, I came across a fruit I’d never seen before:

devil fruit!, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

Its devil fruit.  Devil Fruit has a deep red/ hot pink color on its exterior matched with green slender leaves that extend like thorns. 

“Does it taste like a chile?”
“No, more like a kiwi,” said the fruit stand attendant.
“So, its somewhere between a mango and a kiwi in consistency and taste?”
“Yes,” the fruit stand attendant now brandishing a pitchfork and growing pointy red horns.

For $7.50 per pound, Devil Fruit must be more of a delicacy, an exotic fruit to spice things up. 

Sidenote: Devil Fruit (悪魔の実 Akuma no Mi) is also a fictional fruit from the manga and anime series of One Piece by Eiichirō Oda that, when consumed, gives the consumer a power or special trait. Apparently called “Cursed Fruit” in the American version…..uh, is this to not offend our delicate American sensibilities? hm  I think we can handle “Devil,” I mean after all, we seem to have elected George Bush as the President.



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6 responses to “The Devil Wears Prada?

  1. haven’t i seen you at a fake beach somewhere? you look familiar…..;)

  2. Carman

    it is not a devil fruit, it’s named “Pitaya”
    i know from mexico.
    yeah look kinda gloom, but is not from evil…
    it taste is kinda strange, like simple… and have a lot of seeds whit white inside.
    It grown on the top os the long trees, (im not sure if is a parasit bush)
    Is not prety famous, because dont have an awesome flavor… but yeah it’s awesome how the ppl thinks strange ppl about that. also me at first time hehe

  3. Chad

    thats called dragaon fruit. i went to florida this summer at a flee market and they were selling them for 2.00’s. they taste pretty good it was my first time eating them

  4. jerrysanders

    that’s dragon fruit if you wanna find it easier (never seen it as devil). also a small aside, the american version of One Piece has two production houses, maybe the children’s one (4kids) said cursed but that was a very abrupt series. Funimation has dubbed over a hundred english episodes and they are always referred to as “devil”.;)

  5. i dont know if its the devils and gives power but itasted it in thailand it was quite good but it gave me a tommy bug

  6. Hi,
    In Vietnam (we plant it a lot here), it is called “green dragon”. Because the tree is like a green snake and with the fruit at tip, all look like an Asian dragon (in Asian myth, dragons have snake body, with 4 legs, no wing).
    The fruits in the photo mostly come from Vietnam, because they were sell by Chinese and most of “green dragon” fruits in China are imported from Vietnam, but marked with Chinese brand later.

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