Foie Gras Foodie

  Foie Gras!

Foie Gras. Its just one of those things–those items on the menu–that every New Yorker and any self proclaimed Foodie will just at some point in their Foodie/ New Yorker career have to taste–and to proclaim as essential to retain their Foodie status.

Foie Gras–you can have it as the entree, you can have it as an appetizer–wrapped up in flaky crust sticks dipped in dark chocolate on one end, you can even, as The Amateur Gourmet reveals, have it as a lolli-pop flavor!…

New York Magazine ( ran a cover story on the controversy surrounding Foie Gras–animal rights activists protest against the way the animal must suffer in order for this delicacy to be created. 3 star Michelin restaurants, Anthony Bourdain (ok, so eating a live beating cobra heart does not exactly qualify one as an animal lover, true) and Doug Psaltis (who alludes to it as a menu staple) all swear by it.

So I tried it. (here is a fellow blogger's pic of a foie gras entree:),%20Kortklubsmiddag%2019.%20september%202003.jpg
I tried it. My opinion: it tasted like hummus that had been steamed over Philippine breakfast sausage to add flavoring. Meh. Interesting but not worth all the fuss. Meh. Eh.


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