Pimp that Snack!

From the makers of Pimp My Ride (ok, or people tinkering on the internet who were vaguely influenced by the tv show) comes…. wait for it……  "Pimp that Snack":

Food Rubik's Cube

Originally uploaded by johndonne132.


Previously referred to as "Pimp My Snack" this name was later changed perhaps due to heightened Homeland Security in New York City's monumentless expanse or, albeit highly unlikely, due to copyright restrictions (aka-cease and desist letters) pwhew!  who ever heard of a crazy thing like copyrights, really! 

 In response, we here at Food City Bytes are planning a bake off.  Yes folks, that's right!  Strawberry shortcake will do war against the charging factions of Banana bread pudding and Blanched okra!  Foie Gras will be pitted against tuna tartare!  And Cream and Sugar against Black Columbian coffee.  Cats and dogs, sleeping together.  Mass chaos!  Where will the world go? 

Stay tuned for the smashups!


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