U.S.: Eating around the Continental

So, ever wonder how many states you've eaten in? Wonder no longer my calculation weary blog-readers. Someone has created a program to automatically map in red the states you've visited…..and… stomachs not to be damned, we would hope, ate in. Here are the states Food City Bytes has visited and eaten in:

Visited States Map

You can make you own at: http://douweosinga.com/projects/visitedstates

Particularly Washington in Seattle…we here at Food City Bytes had a number of fantastic quick meals and two very nice, more elaborate meals. The first of those two was a trip with two co-workers to a Moroccan restaurant complete with tent like ambiance, floor cushions instead of chairs and belly dancers.(!) Definitely an interesting scene. Halfway through the meal though all our legs were completely falling asleep and our knees were aching. Gloria, the Editor, was amusing us with tales of her year(s) spent in Morocco just after finishing either college or graduate school.

The second of those two meals was at this flashy bar/ restaurant that served fantastic and innovative fish dishes. The fish, brought in from Elliott Bay and also voyages to the Alaskan fishing ground, was outstandingly fresh. Given a choice, Seattle would be top on our list of states to live in just for food alone.

Fresh seafood everyday!


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