Memorial Day Weekend bbq

Makiko's Japanese dishes, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

This past weekend was Memorial Day and with that comes…..lots and lots of bbqs. Prospect Park was jammed pack full of people. Or as a good friend of ours says, it was "PedLocked" aka-the pedestrian version of gridlock.

Well, we managed to make it out of the Park and over to Lefferts Garden for a little get together. We at Food City Bytes brought Watermelon and a Pesto cream dip from Fairway Market, visited for the first time yesterday in its new Red Hook locale. Our friend Justin brought Red Stripe. But what really stole the show was Makiko's Japanese fried tofu and breaded potato globes:

Makiko's breaded and fried tofu squares in a sweet sauce, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

See them…..yeah, right there in the upper right corner of the photo. 


FCB: "Makiko, how did you make these."
Makiko: "Well FCB, I cut the tofu into small square, breaded tofu in bread crumbs and flour, then fryed on the stove top range until medium brown.  Then sprinkle chopped callion greens on top of the squares."
FCB: "How bout that sauce there?"
Makiko: "The sauce is ….."

hmmm well we must admit we missed what Makiko put in her amazing sauce.  But let's just say it was a cross between soy sauce, honey and teryiaki in a smooth consistency.

The Japanese breaded potato globes are ….well pretty much what they sound like–Mash some potatoes, add scallion to the mashed potatoes and then form globes.  Then they are breaded with flour and egg mixture with bread crumbs on top.  Fry for a little then cut lime to bring out the taste.  Pretty good!

delicious! and simple.  ergh.  yum.  Want more tofu squares now. must go!


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