“I did mi bit for Ireland!” – Ciarins Bar

"All Round Winner!   ……Guinness" :

Ciarins Bar, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

As you may have noticed, we here at Food City Bytes have been on a hiatus…..Well a Vacation(!) gasp could it be true that time was granted away from work! to parts unknown. Ok, well not so unknown but definitely unknown to us. To Ireland specifically.

My Grandfather's line hails from Ennis in County Clare so naturally Food City Bytes took a trip there to investigate. The area of town his relatives were from was called Drumbingle. Now Drumbingle is currently both a Street and an area of Ennis (kinda like the East Village is an area of New York City).

The above is a photo of Ciarans Bar (where the menu is written in Irish) where you can get hearty pub grub in addition to a well rounded selection of Irish and Scottish beers and liquers in the town of Ennis.

 On the exterior it says "craic" which …..roughly (and we do mean roughly) translated means like what's up man?  What's the gossip yo!  Ok, so it means "what's new" or "what's the gossip" as pubs traditionally function as community hubs for Irish towns.


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