The 50 Book Challenge for 2006!

Yay!  So there’s this Challenge out there on the “web” (how quaint) where each poster is to attempt to read 50 books in a given year and then write a brief run down of each book they read.  Resolution 2006: to do the 50 Book Challenge!

Tally ho…so, here are my book tabs to date:

50 Book Challenge:

9) Steingarten, Jeffrey.  The Man Who Ate Everything.
8) The Wisdom of Crowds.
7) Barry, Maxx.  Syrup.  A-
    A marketing major infiltrates and then promptly gets
    himself and his female cohort kicked out (several times)
    of the Coca-Cola marketing world of stardom.  A work of
    fiction; its a fun read-and interesting for its tidbits about
    marketing techniques.
6) Li, Leslie.  Daughter of Heaven: A Memoir with Earthly
5) Hawks, Tony.  Round Ireland with a Fridge. A-
    On a high recommendation for someone (myself) who is
    about to embark on a trip to Ireland, this is an amusing
    tale of a British man carrying out a bar bet to hitchhike
    with a fridge around Ireland (including getting to Torey
    Island-its own country-and back).
4) Brenner, Leslie.  American Appetite: The Coming of Age
    of a Cuisine. A+
3) Cecchini, Toby.  Cosmopolitan: A Bartender’s Life. A- 
    Interesting stories about becoming and working as a
    bartender in Hell’s Kitchen and around in various New
    York establishments told from the perspective of the
    bartender reputedly the creator of the “Cosmo” of late
    ’80s New York fame.
1) Palluchnik, Chuck.  Diary.  B
    Interesting and disturbing a little bit at the same time,
    this is good read if mostly for its creepy descriptions of
    failed ambition leading to poking a suicidal comatose
    husband through the nipple with a pin and encountering
    forgotten stone statues in the woods while under a food
    poisoning haze.



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3 responses to “The 50 Book Challenge for 2006!

  1. fishe

    do all of the ten million books i read every year for children’s reading programs count?

    god i wish i had time for adult-type reading.

    missed you last night!


  2. jc

    I sense a theme here….5 out of the 9 books are about food, your site is called FOOD City Bytes…. you must really like food.

    That’s great!!

  3. Yes, children’s books definitely count!!


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