Wild Alaskan Salmon: Dinner Party, The

Wild Alaskan Salmon ready to be served, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

The dinner spread is seen above. And the carrots, the side, below. Sauce for the salmon, lemon dill sauce, is in the mini orange serving bowls. P1010257, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

The other day we at Food City Bytes decided to host a dinner party. One of my friends’ sister, Chrissie had just gotten out of surgery on her hip and the holiday season had just come to a wrap up. With everyone, especialy me, kind of in a funk and trying to get back up to speed, we at Food City Bytes decided that a dinner party would be just the ticket.

Tonight’s menu:

Appetizers of artisan bleu cheese,
warmed semolina bread, from the Grand Army Plaza greenmarket
with gala and granny smith apples sliced and Carr’s herb and garlic table crackers paired with the cheese

entree: seared Alaskan salmon with lemon dill sauce, pureed green peas with sunflower seeds, honey roasted carrots

dessert: strawberries dipped in whip cream

The Cooking:

Whirled Peas on the backburner; Salmon on the front, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

We got the peas with sauteed onions on the back burner, the carrots warming for their first stage on the front, right burner. Those are onions under the carrots there.

The cutting and seasoning of the wild salmon came next:

Seasoning the Alaskan Wild Salmon, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

Just look at that color on the fresh salmon! Beautiful, fabulous, you’re gonna be a star baby! And don’t let no one tellya different!

It only took about 15 minutes to prepare the salmon, and to allow for the most taste and freshness, we held off on cooking these until just moments before the guests arrived.

Justin brought over a delicious white wine and got the party started.

…then we did like the song said and took off all our clothes, its gettin’ hot in here.

Here we are enjoying the white Justin brought. You can see here how won over they are by their host’s charms and good looks!

There was also brought over a wonderful selection of two wines. One was a table wine to be served with dinner while the other was a dessert wine, sweet to be served chilled, with the strawberries and whip cream.

Here’s making the whip cream:

Whipping Cream1, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

…it was a dinner collective-coop….uh, kinda like the Park Slope Food Coop involves the work of its members to keep the food flowing.

Smart thinking, one of us added a couple drops of lemon to the apple slices so the wouldn’t brown before the guests arrived. Notice the difference here:

The Dessert Spread 1, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

the slice on the right had lemon drops added and so its maitained its lighter color over time while the one on the left, toward the bottom of the yellow and blue plate, did not get lemon drops. (Whoa, sorry about that fuzziness.)

P1010257, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

The roasted carrots, in all their glory, after about an hour in the oven at 350 degrees then cooked up to 400 for the goosing. No dinner table so we made like the beatniks and hit the floor, bandaged bums and all.

Skip to after dessert…..bring on the Pictionary, we played:Pictionary: Round 1, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

Chrissie in the center is the drawer on this Round 1. Hello, my name is Simon…and I like to draw drawings! …..Are you looking at my bum? You bum looker! (SNL flashback)

Later Chrissie showed us her bum and we were all like…let’s play the Hat Game. Yay! Great hurrahs resounded through the stands! Yip, yip, yipee! The night was saved and salmon and all went to bed happy.


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  1. fishe

    wait, i showed my bum? damn!

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