Comfort Foods: Kiku vs. Sushi A-Go-Go

What is your comfort food?

Sushi-Rainbow roll, Salmon roll, whitefish and scallion roll and spicy tuna roll, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

Elvis had the peanut butter and ‘nana sandwich; Bill Clinton had the McDonald’s burger and fries; Snoop Dogg the Gin ‘n Juice…….well, at Food City Bytes, the consensus comfort food is sushi. (Sushi! yay!)

Recently we had sushi takeout from Kiku, located in Park Slope on 7th Avenue and just a few days prior, visited Sushi A-Go-Go in Manhattan across from Lincoln Center. A chance to compare. Now, while Sushi A-Go-Go was definitely worth going to again, I’d defintiely have to say that having sushi delivered to your own house (Wait, “this is not my beautiful house! …..this is not my beautiful wife!” Wait where is my house….) tips the scales favorably to Kiku. (That plus the fabulous Rainbow roll. omg!)

From Kiku, this is what we ordered:

Sushi-Gyoza, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

Gyoza, a fav. comfort food ranking right up there next to miso soup if its Japanese cuisine you’re selecting from. These above were actually a little too crunchy on the bottom for my taste and I felt like the top edge where the gyoza are sealed together should’a spent more time in the steamer becoming softer.

Then the Kiku takeout sushi spread:

Sushi-Rainbow roll, Salmon roll, whitefish and scallion roll and spicy tuna roll, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

On the left is the delicious rainbow roll that was just bursting with flavor and ripe avocado. On the right is, from the top people, one more time, a spicy tuna roll (highly recommended), three pieces of a whitefish and scallion roll and three of a salmon roll. What makes the spicy tuna so great is the type of spicy mayonaise-consistency-esque they put inside the roll. (Some places use this only squirted on top of the roll.)

….that eaten along with rolls California style, Whitefish with Scallion and Salmon:

Sushi-California Roll, Whitefish with Scallion and Spicy Tuna roll, originally uploaded by Brockenbrough Photos.

One of the California pieces and one of the Salmon have already been eaten.

Let’s look at the equation: Tuesday Night + sushi + takeout (!!!) [scandal of all scandals] divided by cost (usually)= bleh, meh sushi.

Here’s how to solve it:

Tuesday night + sushi + KIKU takeout (x Rainbow roll) = great! yummy and totally satiating.

Now, the other placed tried was Sushi A-Go-Go.

This is good sushi too but just not as compelling–maybe its the lack of a Rainbow roll. We ordered the sushi and sashimi plate for two along with miso soup to start. Now the pic’s a little blurry but you get the general idea. There’s a California roll, sashimi of tuna, whitefish and salmon and nigiri (that’s the pieces where the fish is placed on top of rectangular or ball shaped pieces of rice) pieces of tuna, tuna underbelly, salmon, whitefish and shrimp. (I think there was another piece of nigiri of tuna but its cut off in the picture.) To drink was Sapporo, a lager with a light body.

Now, Sushi A-Go-Go is a good place to go……go-go…but make sure you wake us up first! But it didn’t manage to weasle its way into my heart as a fav., must return to joint. The decor was modern and hip (so points for that). Plus, mucho close to Lincoln Center. (Bravo points for that.) But in the end, given our druthers (no really, give them back, please; do give them back now), its Kiku.

Kiku take a bow.

Kiku on Urbanspoon



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2 responses to “Comfort Foods: Kiku vs. Sushi A-Go-Go

  1. Albert von Schneiderhosen

    As a fellow Brooklynite, I have to put my two cents in regarding a much loved Sushi joint….Geido. Decor…so relaxed you could write on the walls (oh, wait?!), price….mid-to-low, selection….spectacular – minus the fact you can’t order the “not-your-everyday Sushi and Sashimi Chef Special platter for two” anymore. Overall, wonderful! Just make sure ALL of your party is in attendance when you arrive!

  2. Yum indeed Albert….Geido, on Flatbush Ave. in Prospect Heights/ Park Slope, is def. a sushi fav.

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